Jayson is an Exercise Therapist having qualified with a BSc in Exercise Science and is an accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS).

Services include:

Jayson has a passion for sports and human movement, with specific focus and interest in Musculoskeletal, Biomechanics, Mobility and Pain-Free living.

Jayson performs Massage Therapy such as Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial and Swedish targeting the whole body or specific trigger / injury / problem areas to suit individual needs. Massage therapy can alleviate a range of chronic muscle problems such as soreness or imbalance. Massage helps relieve tight muscles, tension and improves mobility and functionality for all ages, whether you work in an office and have tight muscles from being desk-bound or if you just want to be able to maintain low or medium levels of exercise or day to day activity or if you are a professional athlete. Jayson is focussed on alleviating all related issues allowing you optimal functionality and pain-free living.

With a background in sports exercise science, strength & conditioning, sports trainer level 2 (SMA), advanced taping (SMA), Jayson can also deliver training programs and help you towards achieving improved functionality, faster recoveries or correct asymmetrical imbalances discovered during treatment.

If this sounds like it would benefit you, I would love to hear from you!

Jayson van Wyk


Mobile:  0475847968
Email:  jayson.vw@hotmail.com