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I am a Sun and Moon Taurean, a certified Level 5 Hawaiian Bodyworker, enthusiastic astrologer & lover of all things sensual & indulgent – from bodywork bliss to warm earthy delights in the kitchen. In my world I believe taking my time and slowing down to listen to the deep and insightful perception of my soul,  guiding me towards gently creating a life that feels aligned with purpose. Using the wisdom of the stars and cultivating meaningful relationships my desire is to explore and understand my inner world and engage with life in wholesome and nourishing way.

For many years I have experienced an overactive nervous system, managing anxiety driven by fear, doubt and self limiting belief systems. My journey through learning the healing bodywork of KaHuna, study of astrology & support of my loving partner has ignited a self awareness, inspiring my healing journey and to share these gifts of experience with others.  Hawaiian bodywork is powerful – loaded with intention, care & loving Aloha. Every human can benefit physically, spiritually and emotionally from KaHuna – sometimes all you need is an activation of the fire in your belly and to invest in your own divine. It is my aspiration to create a place for all people to come relax, exhale & heal.

Connecting with others in a genuinely authentic manner has deeply enriched my life, personal relationships and understanding of myself. I am so grateful to have to have found a place of work that continuously stimulates productive enquiry and growth and that I get to witness others stepping into their own power.

I feel honoured to receive you and with each session promise to hold space exactly where you need to be met.