Katherine De Jonge


Katherine de Jonge

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Email:  katherine@purecitrus.com.au

Website: https://purecitrus.com.au/ 

I am passionate about natural, healthy living, and only use natural and organic products at home, with my family and in my practice.

In 2006 I graduated with Diplomas in both Remedial Massage and Beauty Therapy. Wanting to further my passion and increase my knowledge, I then graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Over the years working as a beauty therapist in day spas in both Melbourne and Sydney, I saw a wide variety of clients with complex skin conditions. I saw those ranging from their teens with acne issues to more mature aged clients, concerned with ageing. Using natural products I was able to help them achieve great results, but there was always something missing in my treatment. What I learnt is that skincare alone is not the ultimate fix, and the long term solution to radiant skin lies in fixing your internal environment as well. Through my naturopathy studies I was able to learn how to provide this solution for my clients.

I also have 10+years remedial massage experience. I specialise in deep tissue massage for both common complaints, such as neck and lower back pain, and pregnancy massage. I have a firm style, but also know the importance of relaxation, meaning my style suits those looking to relieve stress, address aches and pains and relax tissues.  With my naturopathy studies, I am able to further help those suffering from pain through the use of diet, lifestyle, and herbal and nutritional supplements. I love being able to get to the bottom of your complaint and deliver a treatment plan to help you get away from pain.

I always consider the impact stress, gut function and lifestyle can have on our bodies. My treatments, whether it be for massage, naturopathy, or beauty will include the whole body to achieve the best results for my clients.