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Summer Offer - Healthier Me

Product name : Hello Summer | 4 Week Healthier-me program

price $345 Value $1000

Intertreat healthcare team Jace Kim & Liam Chung and Naturopath & Nutritionist Kerri Abbott integrate our practices to provide our clients with the best of both Western and Chinese Medicine to get you ready for this gorgeous summer!!

How does the Healthier-me program help me?

*Improve your general well being

*Improve your energy

*Weight loss

*Tone your  body

*Boost your immune system

The 4 week program offers 2 Nutrition consultations (Each 30mins ) & 4 Tui:Na Therapeutic Massage & Cupping session (Each 45mins)  worth $1000!

Kerri Abbott Naturopath Nutritionist has been involved in the health industry for the past 20 years on the Sunshine coast. Jace Kim and Liam Chung have 10 years  experience.

With this program, you can expect to have some overall improvement of your health, energy levels, weight loss and improvement in your immune system. We will have you feeling great for the upcoming summer.

Be healthy with Naturally Into Health team working with you

Feel the very best that you can.

Christmas Gift voucher is also available at the clinic,


1 hour Acupuncture appointment

Book in for a session with our Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner Tanya Keam


Massage - 1 hour

Liam Chung and Jace Kim offer chinese massage, cupping and mixibustion therapy.


Naturopathic Consultation

Book a naturopathic consult with Kerri Abbott Naturopath Nutritionist for help with all types of health issues. Digestive, Fertility, Menopause, Auto-immune, Cancer Support, Both male and female hormonal health


Our clinic services

for you to enjoy

Naturopathy Nutrition

Kerri Abbott Naturopath Nutritionist specializes in women’s hormones, fertility,  healthy aging and digestive issues.

Clinical Psychology

Dr Simone Shaw is here to help you improve your mental health. Specializing in women’s health and coping with pre and post natal demands.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Tanya Keam is our very experienced Acupuncturist specializing in women’s health, fertility  and pain relief. She is also a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Chinese Herbalist.

Breastfeeding and new parenting help

Melissa Henderson experienced neo-natal nurse is available by appointment to help with breastfeeding and parenting of babies particularly premature ones.

Chinese Massage Therapy

Jace Kim and Liam Chung are Chinese Massage therapists specializing in musculo skeletal conditions and pain relief. They also offer chinese cupping and moxibustion therapy.

Western Herbal Medicine

Our Naturopath Kerri Abbott also specializes in Western Herbal Medicine.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga Nova instructs our Power Yoga classes every on Wednesday at 6pm.

Michelle Freeman instructs our Vinyasa Yoga classes every Thursday at 6pm


Monika from Aromapilates instructs our pilates classes on Tuesdays at 6pm.